EU swapbodys

Do you send trailers into Europe?

Ever thought about using a container instead?.

If you can end load and your customer can end discharge why not try a container?

Cheaper and more secure.

We can provide 45ft palletwide containers offering the same space as a 13.6m trailer. Compare our example rates below to what you’re presently paying for a trailer.

Relative Price and Service Guide of European Transport Options for various cargo types.


1 = Driver accompanied Trailer on Ferry.
2 = Unaccompanied Trailer on Ferry.
3 = Driver accompanied Container on Ferry.
4 = Unaccompanied Container on Ferry.
5 = Container through Channel Tunnel.
6 = Trailer/swapbody through Channel Tunnel.
7 = Container on container vessel (cabotage).

a = General Cargo.
b = Abnormal Loads.
c = Hazardous Chemicals.
d = Foodstuffs/temperature controlled cargo.

S = Suitability of method to this market for which types of cargo.
T = Transit in days, average to key points (Barcelona, Paris etc.) for each method.
P = Price. On a scale of 1 to 30 for comparison of each method to each point.
So a 5 route/method indicates approximately half the price of a 10 route/method.

NB. An allowance is made for regularity of service within the transit e.g. a choice of two weekly sailings a week adds 3 to 4 days to the transit as opposed to a daily crossing which adds nothing etc.
n/a indicates no service of this type available or at least no audit approved service available.