LCL Service

Direct Discharge Boxes – whenever possible we offer direct port discharge rather than transhipment at a regional hub*.

The Best Vessels – with a wide choice services and subcontractors available to us we can pick the closing date or arrival date that best fits in with your availability or customer required delivery date rather than only offering one close off and one sailing date each week to a limited number of ports.

Competitive Rates – Again our buying power and expertise enable us to offer extremely competitive rates to a wide variety of deep sea ports.

* Groupage operators rarely discharge directly at all the ports they advertise with a large proportion of ports, that may be called at directly by the mother vessel, still transhipped for LCL at a regional hub e.g. Singapore in the Far East or just Tokyo for Japan although they may advertise Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Shimizu & Kobe. Unnecessary transhipment can obviously cause delays and unnecessary double handling can cause damage. As well as minimising the risk of transhipment we can also select depots that are closest to your pick up point and from where direct groupage boxes are loading again minimising not just collection costs but the risk of damage from double handling as many NVO’s understandably only load the container themselves at one hub irrespective having consolidated the cargo from their regional receiving depots.